Unhappy with Current Skin Care Products

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There comes a point where men and women have to decide if the anti-aging cream they are using is meeting expectations. Products do not work overnight, but if the product fails to show any results by the first month of use it is time to try something new. Not every wrinkle cream will be of high quality, effective, or even healthy for the skin. The difficult decision becomes what brand to try next.

Bargain Store Shelves

If you are making your way through drug, dollar, or department store shelves, results will not be evident any time soon. Check the ingredients to discover that most have more scents than active ingredients proven to reduce the appearance of age. Some of the higher quality products, which also happen to be much more expensive, may produce minimal results. If that meets desired outcomes then you are all set.


Chances are, for most people, results will come nowhere close to desired outcomes. One of the reasons is that all those products are mass-produced in huge vats. Some may be diluted to meet the price point, designed to present a similar smell to other brands, or quite simply cheap products. Most look the same, smell the same, feel the same, and produce the same minimal results. It may not be wise to spend money on inferior products.

Science-Based Technology

There are affordable products available that utilize science-based and patented technology to produce effective skin care lines that are healthy for the skin. These will not be found on store shelves. One line is only available at select physician offices, medical clinics, and medical spas. Use this link to be directed to a site that features a function that lists offices and spas based on location.

The Line

The line includes a pollution shield, neck forming cream, intensive eye repair, exfoliating cleanser, and a bio complete serum, among others. Products are dermatologist tested, clinically proven to nourish the skin and never tested on animals. The company, called Sente Labs, is a private one that has a foundation in biotechnology. Scientists and word-renowned dermatologists collaborate on the creation of new products.

The Website

Those interested are invited to visit SenteLabs for detailed information regarding products, where to find them, and how they are different. Media coverage includes publications from the business, dermatology, and beauty industries. Segments have been aired on talk shows and medical shows. Find out what all the buzz is about and try it to determine if it can replace those current products with which you are unhappy.

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